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Lead the Cargo Scanning, Shipping Construction and Logistics services businesses by producing high quality products and services in competitive way that satisfy the needs and protect the interest of its clients in the Horn and East Africa.

Be the leading company in service and quality to the satisfaction of our clients in addressing human and environmental needs with solutions to basic rights.

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12 Years Of Successful logistics and Construction

Mogadishu Cargo Scanner Construction and Logistic Company, is confident that the situation of the country can be reversed and a stable productive society will emerge. Our company intends to stands at the forefront of this reversal through construction services, Cargo Handling, Shipping, design/consultation, logistics, humanitarian and program development.

The idea of forming a Somalia owned and run Company is the brainchild of its professional intellectual founders and backs to February 2007. The founding members of the company have specific disciplines on construction, transportation, Shipping and Cargo Handling, surveying, logistic and general services. Mogadishu Cargo Scanning, Construction and Logistics Company has proven its capacity to operate successfully in Somalia demanding environment overcoming daily challenges to win the confidence of our partners and clients. 

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MCS-LTD supports complex logistical operations into and across Somalia by managing the movement of equipment and personnel in Somalia. We maintain covey assembly facilities in all the regions of Somalia to ensure safe and reliable transportation in an ever changing environment.


MCS-LTD manages a civil engineering/construction component to build roads, residential building and commercial building with transportation assets and construction equipment. MCS-LTD is prominent in the construction industry. We undertook major construction activities and reconstruction projects for both public and private sectors.

customs clearance

We provide clearing services of incoming and transit cargo at reasonable fee and in short time to ensure our clients don’t pay any demurrage charges at the ports of entry of goods in to Somalia. Further we clear goods out of Somalia and work together with our clients to clear goods in to other destination countries. Our company also offers the services of preparing custom entries at a minimal fee and within24 hours.


We offer our customers modern, spacious and secure warehousing options in the whole of Somalia that meet their unique needs. Our facilities include storage of cargo in cold rooms as well as in general, transit and bonded warehouses.


MCS-LTD boasts of a vehicle fleet of over fifty trucks in Somalia. Our fleet meets high international safety standards and our drivers are guided by our policy at MCS-LTD of ‘Safety First’. The company’s drivers have undergone training in defensive driving making us amongst the top transport safety team in Somalia


With our wide interaction with both non-profit and profitmaking organizations/companies we undertook to partner with our clients in the area as of supplying general relief and commercial products.

Shipping agent

MCS-LTD understands the importance of these key aspects in maritime operations and actively works to provide comprehensive support to ship operators. By focusing on port clearance, port operations, safety and security, customs and immigration, and communication and information sharing, MCS-LTD contributes to the smooth flow of maritime operations and assists ship operators in achieving their operational objectives efficiently and effectively.

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